step 6

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Manual for Step 6:

This manual is not a manual for trainers, but a self-study manual for anyone interested, in other words for the independent learner.

Step 6 workbook:

The 6th step consist of 14 lessons:

1: The king in the middle
2: The passed pawn
3: Strategy
4: Mobility
5: Draw
6: The opening
7: Tactics
8: Pawn endings
9: Bishop or knight?
10: Attacking the king
11: Advantage in the ending
12: Bishops
13: Defending
14: Rook endings

Step 6 extra workbook:

In the extra workbook, there are 111 pages with exercises, which means as many as 1296 puzzles.

There have been three changes in comparison with the other extra workbooks. This one is the first extra workbook with a co-author, Erwin l'Ami (Dutch GM). The book has 112 pages (like the basic workbook of Step 6) and the book is 4 languages. That will not really bother because there is almost no text and multilingualism is limited more or less to the headings of the exercises.

 The themes of the exercises are those from Step 6. It is important for chess players of all levels to repeat the material. It is tempting to learn new things again and again but if these are repeated then the practical effect in the long term is negligible. For this reason alone the extra workbooks are an indispensable supplement.

The level of difficulty is higher than in the basic workbook of Step 6. That certainly applies to the tactical exercises. Meanwhile, there are so many players who have gone through all workbooks of all the steps that tougher exercises are just welcome. Are the puzzles too difficult? Returning to Step 4 or 5 is no shame (and no one else has to know!).

The last 26 pages contain tests.

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