Take your chess outside

With Summer quickly approaching, there is no better time to take your chess game outside. Now we know you might think that playing garden chess is a game that only the rich and make-believe kings can enjoy, but hold on to your rooks, because we can set you up with an outdoor set that won't break the bank.

Made from high-density recycled plastic, our garden sets can resist harsh weather conditions. They're easy to lift - even for small children, and the weight of the pieces can be adjusted. Simply separate the base of each piece and add/remove sand or water to alter the pieces' weight. You can check out our garden set collection here.

Each set comes with a couple of optional chessboards to choose from, including a lawn-friendly board that consists of 64 hard plastic squares which connect together. If you're overly ambitious, you can even create your own giant chessboard. The DIY Network features a tutorial that will help you pull together your own board over the course of a weekend. 


Roline Pretorius

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