Wooden chess sets

There is nothing more breathtaking than wooden chess boards and pieces. Variation in grain and colour creates unique chess sets and as it ages, wood “mellows”, often darkening significantly as it expands and contracts over the course of a year.

Our wooden pieces are handcrafted and imported from India, while most of the wooden boards are imported from Rechapados Ferrer, Spain (known worldwide for their quality and perfection on veneered chess boards), but also be on the lookout for our South African made solid wooden boards.

House of Chess offers tournament-sized wooden chess boards with recommended square dimensions ranging from 5cm to 6cm.

It is crucial to ensure that your chess pieces are appropriately proportioned for the board. An effective method is to place four pawns on a square; if they fit comfortably, the board is the correct size. Additionally, the king and queen should not touch each other and should comfortably fit within their designated squares. 

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