chess clocks / computers / e-boards

Bring excitement and new challenges to a chess game by adding a chess clock or timer. The first time clocks were used in a chess tournament was during the London tournament in 1883 and we have come a long way since then. chess clock consists of two adjacent clocks and the ability to stop one clock and start the other so that the two clocks never run simultaneously. All rated tournaments require time control with a chess clock. The DGT2010 clock is FIDE approved and in full accordance with all FIDE rules and regulations.

Electronic DGT chess boards are accurate and fast chess move input devices. The boards register all moves and record the games. They are used for live game transmission, training, online play, computer play and game analysis. The innovative boards are available in handmade wooden versions and more affordable plastic versions.

Chess computers take you away from the screen and allow you to sit behind a real chess board to play against a variety of chess engines, to train or to analyse your games.

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