Roll-up sets | 3 & 4 Player sets

House of Chess offers roll-up combo sets comprising vinyl and mousepad boards paired with standard size pieces. The boards feature clear and easily readable algebraic notation on all sides, making them ideal for home, tournament and school competition play.

The medium-sized board is a popular choice among schools, clubs, and unions due to its versatility, fitting most desks while ensuring durability and longevity. Our soft plastic tournament pieces, with a king height of 87mm, are a unique in-house design from House of Chess, crafted in South Africa with a sleek, smooth finish.

It's important to find the right balance between board and piece sizes. The pieces should fit the board comfortably, not too crowded or too far apart. Make sure the king and queen fit well in a square without touching the edges. A practical way to check is to see if the square made by four pawns matches the size of the board squares. 

If you're interested in making bulk purchases, we offer discounted prices on these sets. You can contact us directly or make your purchase online, and we will determine the applicable discounts and shipping costs for you. Following that, we will promptly email you the correct invoice for payment.

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