100 endgames you must know - De La Villa

100 endgames you must know - De La Villa

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This new (4th) and improved edition of an all-time classic was shortlisted for The Guardian Chess Book of the Year Award.

In this essential guide to endgames, GM Jesus de la Vila debunks the myth that endgame theory is complex and teaches you to steer the game into a position you are familiar with.

It provides clear examples that are easy to understand, not unnecessarily long, and the author's writing style helps to keep things entertaining. Also, each examined ending has a conclusion to help you tie things together, and tests, which is a useful diagnostic tool.

Who should read this book? 
This book is for any chess player who needs to up their endgame. Even advanced players might know the theoretical result of many positions but could benefit by boosting their confidence in defending these endgames.

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