beating unusual chess openings - Palliser

beating unusual chess openings - Palliser

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Are you afraid of the unknown? Do you fall to pieces if your opponent plays something strange in the opening? Here's some good news... Beating Unusual Chess Openings is a godsend to those chess players who are fed up with struggling against all opening moves other than white's main two: 1 e4 and 1 d4.

The book covers all the weird and wonderful openings you're liable to run into and provides a sound repertoire against everything under the sun. Variation-tree method is used to explain variations as opposed to illustrative games and the information is sorted into chapters based on openings.

 Who should read this book?  
This book will provide you with everything you need to know about facing unusual openings and is ideal for improvers and both club and tournament players.  It will also fill in the gaps in almost anyone's opening repertoire.

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