fat 5 and friends chess set - medium

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African wildlife with an attitude!

Whether a warthog or a zebra is your favourite animal, you will love this fat 5 and friends chess set. Suitable for children as the pieces won't break easily and what a smart idea to brighten up your child's room. 

Complete set with board and pieces. This exceptionally crafted, hand-painted chess set has been themed with animals from Africa in mind.

All pieces in this unique chess set were made in South Africa and are produced from custom-made hand-designed molds. To give life to the animals, special attention is given to the finest detail and all pieces are hand-painted.

The tallest chess piece in the collection is the Lion (King) - 56mm with all the chess pieces having a base diameter of 30mm. This fits perfectly on the 40mm chess squares on the walnut and maple chessboard.  Size of the board: 37cm x 37cm.

King = Lion
Queen = Leopard
Bishop = Buffalo
Knight = Rhino (dark base); Hippo (light base)
Rook = Elephant
Pawn = Warthog (light base); Zebra (dark base)
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