fat 5 and friends chess set - medium

  • R 2,560.00
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Complete set with board and pieces. This exceptionally crafted, hand-painted chess set has been themed with animals from Africa in mind.

All pieces in this unique chess set were made in South Africa and are produced from custom-made hand-designed molds. To give life to the animals, special attention is given to the finest detail and all pieces are hand painted.

The tallest chess piece in the collection is the Lion (King) - 56mm with all the chess pieces having a base diameter of 30mm. This fits perfectly on the 40mm chess squares on the walnut and maple chess board.  Size of the board: 37cm x 37cm.

King = Lion
Queen = Leopard
Bishop = Buffalo
Knight = Rhino (dark base); Hippo (light base)
Rook = Elephant
Pawn = Warthog (light base); Zebra (dark base)
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