folding wooden magnetic travel chess set: 30cm

R 660.00

This folding wooden chess set is perfect for the travelling chess player because it lets you pack it along - even for last-minute trips.

The set is beautifully handmade in Staunton design from Box and Maple woods and closes in half for easy storage and transport. Strong magnets keep the pieces on the board while playing - even if the box is held upside down - and each piece fits into a specially formed compartment inside the chessboard for secure storage.

To protect the board and keep it looking beautiful, a green felt sleeve is included.

The medium magnetic wooden set is a comfortable size to travel and play with at home.

Set size when closed: 15cm x 30cm x 5cm.
Board size when open: 30cm x 30cm with 3cm squares.
King's size: 56mm (height); 24mm (base).
Pawn's size: 30mm (height); 17mm (base).

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