robben island political chess set

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This set includes the pieces and a wooden board. All pieces in this unique chess set were hand-designed and made in South Africa. Each piece is hand-painted with a focus on intricate detail and colour. The tallest chess piece in the collection is the saluting Winnie Madikizela Mandela, hand upheld, coming in at 120mm with all the chess pieces having a base diameter of 30mm. This fits perfectly on the 50mm chess squares on the ground stone chess board. 

The kings
Nelson Mandela, the father of Africa stands proudly as the head of our ANC party, with F.W de Klerk as the king for the opposition.

The queens
Wives of the leaders of each side, Winnie Mandela, and Mrs. De Klerk stand by their men.

The knights
Coming in on the ANC we have journalists who helped keep the people informed of what was happening in the fight against oppression. On the Old South Africa side, we have Eugene Terblanche standing his ground.

The bishops
Charismatic Desmond Tutu and outspoken Roelof Frederik "Pik" Botha stand in place as the bishops.

The rooks
The Robben Island lighthouse and the church hold strong as the rooks.

The pawns
Working prisoners of Robben Island in their numbers, individually characterized,  are the Pawns of our New South Africa and the prison guards with their Old South African colours enforce the views of the National Party team, in this truly one-of-a-kind, exceptional quality African Themed Chess-set.