luxury royal knight in ebony (xx large)

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This classic set is crafted from dark ebony and boxwood. Each piece is triple weighted, fitted with a felt base and the set includes two additional queens, one in each colour. The knight is crafted with exceptional attention to detail, which makes this Royal Knight set a good choice for all chess lovers and collectors.

Ebony chess pieces are the prize choice of many chess players and have a long history of being the most elite of chess sets. The purest ebony has little grain and is jet black in colour, which allows it to go nicely with virtually any chess board.

Size of the king: 106mm (height); 44mm (base).
Size of the pawn: 59mm (height); 36mm (base).

Optional extras
Looking for a board to match? These pieces fit our XX Large chessboard perfectly.

Board size: 60cm x 60cm board with 60mm squares.

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